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Health Care Professionals

The BC Centre for Vulvar Health offers different programs and services to adult women in British Columbia with chronic and complex vulvar disorders.


Women need a referral in order to be seen by a physician at the BC Centre for Vulvar Health.
Please fill out page 1 of the referral form (pdf) to the BC Centre for Vulvar Health.
Submit by email or fax 604-875-5807 to our office.


The referral letter will be reviewed and patients will be directed to the appropriate clinic for assessment. Complete and accurate information will facilitate the triage to the appropriate clinic.


Clinic Inclusion (patients accepted) Exclusion
Vulvar Disease Clinic Women >16 years old with

  • more than 3 months of vulvar symptoms that associated with objective clinical findings.
  • no symptoms but objective vulvar skin changes and or lesions.
Women referred for

  • general gynecological care (eg. Pap smear).
  • cosmetic gynecological surgery.
  • emergency gynecologic care (eg. acute bartholin’s cyst). Please refer these patients directly to emergency.
Multi-disciplinary Vulvodynia Program Women >18 years of age with >6 months of

  • vulvar discomfort or pain NOT related to a specific disorder (eg. herpes) or associated with objective clinical findings.
  • superficial pain with vaginal penetration/sexual intercourse NOT related to a specific disorder (eg. atrophy), or associated with objective clinical findings.
Women who

  • do not have a physicians willing to provide shared-care. Our patients are discharged back to their health care provider for ongoing care.
  • are currently breastfeeding and/or less than 6 months’ post-partum.
  • are not fluent in English (at this time psychoeducational interventions are in English).
  • deep dyspareunia/pelvic pain.
  • complex chronic pain patients with multiple pain conditions.
Vulvar Intra-epithelial Neoplasia (VIN) Follow up Clinic Women >16 years of age with

  • previously diagnosed and treated VIN for long term surveillance.
Women who have

  • objective vulvar skin changes that are suspicious for VIN that need immediate assessment/treatment.
Vulvar Oncology Clinic Women >16 years of age with

  • objective vulvar skin changes that are suspicious for VIN or vulvar cancer.
  • biopsy proven VIN referred for treatment.
  • benign vulvar conditions requiring complex vulvar surgery (eg. Crohn’s disease).
Women with

  • biopsy proven vulvar cancer should be referred directly to BCCA.


For adult women with herpes, recurrent or complex vaginitis, consider a referral to the Infectious Disease Clinic at BC Women’s Hospital.

For young women (<18 years of age) and or girls consider a referral to a Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologist. In Vancouver, patients can be referred to Dr. Debra Millar, Dr Ellen Giesbrecht, and/or Dr. Nicole Todd. See attached referral form.Paeds-Adolescent Gynaecology Referral 2017-06-15

For adult women with sexual concerns (including sexual pain) consider a referral to the BC Centre for Sexual Medicine. The Centre offers assessment and treatment of: difficulties with sexual interest, arousal and orgasm; experience of pain associated with sexual activities; problems in completing chosen sexual acts such as intercourse.

For women with pelvic pain or deep dyspareunia consider a referral to the Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis at BC Women’s Hospital. The Centre offers an interdisciplinary approach to chronic pelvic pain that includes a combination of pain education workshops, pelvic floor physiotherapy, clinical counselling, medical management and surgery (including advanced excisional laparoscopic surgery).


  • (604) 875-5022 Physicians Press #2


  • 6th Floor, Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre
    2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1M9


Monday – Thursday  8:00 – 3:30