Alternative Healthcare Providers

For individuals with herpes, recurrent or complex vaginitis, consider a referral to the Infectious Disease Clinic at BC Women’s Hospital.

For patients (<18 years of age) consider a referral to a Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologist. In Vancouver, patients can be referred to Drs. Debra Millar, Ellen Giesbrecht, Nicole Todd or Alia Sachedina. Click for referral form.

For individuals with sexual concerns (including sexual pain) consider a referral to the BC Centre for Sexual Medicine. The Centre offers psychiatric assessment and treatment of: difficulties with sexual interest, arousal and orgasm; experience of pain associated with sexual activities; problems in completing chosen sexual acts such as intercourse.

For those with pelvic pain or deep dyspareunia consider a referral to the Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis at BC Women’s Hospital. The Centre offers an interdisciplinary approach to chronic pelvic pain that includes a combination of pain education workshops, pelvic floor physiotherapy, clinical counseling, medical management and surgery (including advanced excisional laparoscopic surgery).