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The BC Centre for Vulvar Health

The BC Centre for Vulvar Health (BCCVH) offers comprehensive care for women with complex and chronic vulvar issues. Conditions that affect a woman’s vulvar health can also affect other aspects of her health – physical, emotional, sexual, and social. We believe that treatment from a multidisciplinary perspective is critical to improving the lives of affected women. Not only do we offer clinical care including medical and surgical treatments, we also offer educational interventions, pelvic floor physiotherapy, psychological, and sexual therapy.

We currently offer four clinical programs that address specific women’s vulvar health issues:

Multidisciplinary Vulvodynia Program

For women aged 19 years and older who are suffering from chronic vulvar pain (vulvodynia).


Vulvar Disease Clinic

For women with chronic vulvar symptoms and or asymptomatic vulvar conditions and or lesions.


Vulvar Intra-Epithelial Neoplasia Follow up Clinic

For women who have been previously diagnosed and treated for Vulvar Intra-Epithelial Neoplasia (VIN).


Vulvar Oncology Clinic

For women with suspected cancer, suspected and or diagnosed pre-cancer of the vulva (VIN), and or complex vulvar diseases requiring surgical intervention.


Anne’s Journey

Anne is a 53-year-old woman who suffered for 2 years with severe vulvar itch. At the beginning she thought she had a yeast infection, and tried treating her symptoms with over the counter anti-yeast medications. At first, this seemed to work. But then everything she tried stopped working.

She had trouble sleeping. She and her partner were unable to have sex. This created some stress in her relationship. She was too embarrassed to discuss the problem with her doctor. She finally went in to see her family doctor when her pap smear was due. Her doctor noticed changes to her vulvar skin. She was referred to the BC Centre for Vulvar Health.

A specialist in the Centre diagnosed her with a skin condition – Lichen Sclerosus. Treatment with a topical medication was recommended. Her vulvar itch disappeared after a month of treatment but she was still not able to have pain free sex. She discussed her concerns with the clinician and her treatment plan was revised to include the addition of estrogen replacement therapy and visits with the Centre’s pelvic floor physiotherapist and psychologist. Two months later Anne and her partner were finally able to enjoy pain free sex. Anne advises women with vulvar symptoms to speak up and seek help, “I only wish I had seen someone sooner!”

Share your story with us.

Has the BC Centre for Vulvar Health helped you? Please consider sharing your story with others. This may inspire other women to ask for help, and reassure them that they are not alone and expert health care can make a difference. Email our clinical care coordinator.